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walls or bridges for democracy and citizens' participation?


The overall theme for CPU 2015 refers to the 25th anniversary for the fall of the Iron Curtain celebrated in 2014. We will combine a view of the history with the present and looking into the future of the European Democracy and the conditions for citizens' participation.
We will address the issues of extremism, how to prevent the manipulation of people by the extremists' actions. Testimonials from our countries will be addressed – what brought us into democracy - the "old ones" and the "new ones"? In some countries the iron curtain broke down but some inner walls were built that did not exist before. How to enhance the strengths and diminish the weaknesses in our new democracies? Were people prepared and educated for the democracy? How can we improve the European and Global democracies through community interventions, education, new forms of economy, social innovation, building solidarity and influencing of the policy?
We will discuss and present these different perspectives and questions in plenary sessions, keynotes, hands-on workshops, informal discussions and open spaces. This year we introduce in depth work on creative methodologies: How to explain our work through storytelling, theatre and visual approaches. We will be sharing films and videos addressing the theme.

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