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Citizen Participation Week (24th-30th September 2012)

is about promoting the problematic issue of participation and to gain a higher profile for it in the European media, in politics and in civil society.


Every year the Citizen Participation Week is highlighting issues that are about people and their communities, and not about the constantly and artificially generated usual political and media themes. Local and small regional issues, problems and alternatives will be put on the agenda, while the notions of participation and democracy, and the opportunities for active citizenship, involvement and local action will be also discussed, with an emphasis on good practices.

More information:
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Citizen Participation University 2012

2012-05-10 2332

Civil College Foundation

9-13 July 2012

The event will be organized in the residential training centre of the Civil College Foundation in Kunszentmiklós - Kunbábony, 76 kms South of Budapest. Info about the College: http://www.civilkollegium.hu English information, pictures, location: http://www.civilkollegium.hu/english/ 

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CPU presentations:

News from our Armenian member



The Yerevan-based Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation (ACGRC) with the support of the International Visegrad Fund (IVF) launched www.ngo-network.org 

The aims of the web-page are:

  • ·        Promotion of cooperation between the civil society actors from Visegrad and Eastern Partnership countries
  • ·        Providing information on recent announcements and calls
  • ·        Creation of a common space/platform for NGOs from Eastern Partnership and Visegrad group countries
  • ·        Information and experience sharing
Broadening Civic Space through Voluntary Action

You may want to read this new interesting and valuable research from Civicus

„Broadening Civic Space through Voluntary Action“

on www.civicus.org/news-and-resources/713-broadening-civic-space-through-voluntary-action-lessons-from-2011

Survey on e-participation

Dear Members,

CEE Citizens network is continuing its effort to identify concrete needs and expectations from members in using internet for strengthening democratic participation.We conclused that the first survey was too complicated so Simon re-designed it so that we can get feedback from a much broader section of our members.

CEE CN Citizen Participation University 2011

Citizens Participation University 2011
June 20-24, Kunbabony, Hungary

In 2011 CEE CN held its third annual Citizen Participation University. The main topics this year were:


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