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Annual report on activities of the CEE CN eParticipation Experts Group in 2010

The year 2010 was the first year of operation of the CEE CN eParticipation Expert Group (Budapest Group). Members of the group Anna Kuliberda (Poland), Krzysztof Leonczuk (Poland), Csaba Madarász (Hungary), Mate Varga (Hungary), Chuck Hirt (Slovakia) and Simon Delakorda (Slovenia) established conceptual, organizational and action oriented framework for promoting and supporting usage of information-communication technologies for democratic participation by citizens and nongovernmental organizations in Central and Eastern Europe. 

The following activities were implemented by CEE CN eParticipation Experts Group in 2010:

- preparing background paper for the Pan European eParticipacition network consultation “eParticipation in Central and Eastern Europe: The big questions” including report on CEE region countries ranking according to the UN e-participation 2010 index measurement (April-May);
- participating in a Live Chat as part of the PEP-NET Online Discourse on eParticipation in Central and Eastern Europe (21st of April);
- attending 4th International Conference on eDemocracy 2010 in Krems (Austria) and Pan European eParticipacition network (PEP-NET) consortium meting (5th-7th May);
- organizing E-participation & E-democracy workshop as a part of the Citizens Participation University 2010 which took place from 20th to 24th of July in the Civil College in Kunszentmiklós-Kunbábony (Hungary);
- establishing CEE CN eParticipation programme 2010-2011 document (August)
- creating Facebook group for Citizens participation week 2010 (event promotion, networking and

providing information through social networks) and on-line survey on citizens participation supplemented with questions relating to e-participation; (August-September);
- attending the PEP-NET final conference in Hamburg and setting up "Citizens eParticipation

presentation corner" (23rd of September);
- organizing and promoting eParticipation expert group as the PEP-NET CEE region hub;

The experts group also produced a number of e-participation articles relating to NGOs sector published on PEP-NET blog.

In year 2011 the CEE CN eParticipation group will focus on cooperation within Citizens Participation Study (e-participation issues) and on implementation of at least one regional e-participation project within the network.

Simon Delakorda, M.Sc.

Institute for Electronic Participation

Ljubljana, 18th of March 2011


[pdf] CEE_CN_eParticipation_annual_report_2010-1.pdf